Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Velvet

Our little filly is 2yo. I thought time flew by with my human children, but it really has with my equine baby. From the time I opened the bag and helped her take her first breath I knew she was special.
Her placenta detached and all came out at once. If I had not been at the birth she would have been dead from suffocation. We imprinted her without really meaning to. She was born jet black. All the experts told me she wouldn't stay black. Black foals are usually born a smokey color .
She was and still is a character. Pocket pony we call her. If you are in the pasture she is right behind you.
At a year old she was still black. We kept looking for signs of roaning. According to the charts she had a 33.3%blue roan,33.3red roan,33.3 bay
This is her picture yesterday at 2yo. She is still black with a few flecks of white on her head  and a spot of white on her back left foot about the size of a half dollar just like her dad. We are not dissappointed in her color she is a beautiful shiny jet black. She will be starting horsey school soon to learn some manners. Because she imprinted we have problems with personal space. She thinks I can protect her from the unknown and walks all over me.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


What a beautiful place Mexico is.
We really enjoyed our trip.

The water is so blue that a picture doesn't really capture it.

The sand is not so nice on bare feet. There are chunks or coral and small shells. It is not the sugar sand we have on the gulf.

The resort was fantastic. They were very friendly and everything was clean.

We didn't wander outside of the resort. I wish I could have seen more of Mexico. The people at the resort did the best they could to convince us that there was no poverty in Mexico. The drug problem there was the fault of the USA, if we didn't buy it they couldn't sell it. The only poor people were the ones who chose to be poor and there were plenty of jobs and  a prospering economy. Propaganda??