Saturday, April 24, 2010

Goat Barn

   Been really busy around here lately. My husband got his hay baler and I got my goat barn. Should be safe from the tax man next year. We will see. This weather has been crazy either burn up or freeze. The blackberries are not even blooming yet?
This is the goat end of the barn.
This is my end of the barn.
The warm weather made everything bloom at once so the pollen around here is terrible. Then it turned cool so it is staying around forever! ICK!!!
Hickory pollen!

  I have a trainer coming out to the farm to train the Haflinger sisters and Velvet. She is doing a great Job. I will have to get some pictures now that I have the new computer set up to do my editing.


Christy said...

Nice barn!

polly's path said...

LOVE the barn!
I was working in our woods yesterday and found a hickory blossom for the very first time. How did i ever miss those things before? They are gorgeous, and smell divine.

ArtQwerks said...

Hi Christy! You have received an award on my blog!