Monday, May 17, 2010

I don't know what has happened. I just have been too busy to write lately. Same job, same life, same everything just no time? The grass is really growing but with the weather like it is it will be a while before we can cut hay. Tim is looking foward to trying out his new Hay Baler. I have yet to post a picture of his new toy. I have lots of pictures of the hay burners though.

I have a young lady coming to the farm to break the Haflinger sisters. They are doing great so far. They are such nice steady horses. We really love them. She is also using my other horses and riding area to teach riding lessons. Really good for the horses to be used at least once or twice a week to keep up the expensive training we have on them. Also gives us another income stream.

She is so good and patient with the kids. She is definately a good instructor. I hope we can get things worked out to where she can make some money and so can I.


lisa said...

I hubby always didn't have much to do with my hay burners but now that I have to get them used to coming into stalls he has been helping me and he says to me "I could get used to this!" I might just make him into a horse person yet. You have some very pretty horses!

sunset pines farm said...

sounds like a great arrangement you have. We keep debating getting horses-really still trying to figure out all the goats first.

berryvine said...

Lisa I hear ya.My hubby isn't a horse person either but if the horses will go into their respective corralls with no trouble he is more than willing to help? You have such a great new barn to keep them in too!
Polly horses are alot of fun but also alot of work and should take alot of consideration. Several of my nice registered horses came from homes that just didn't have the time for them. The black one in the photos is a prime example.
Goats are a bit cheaper to upkeep until you get set up for other animals.