Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Goat Care

We have a really nice crop of new kids.The kids were all born on or about the 5th of March. I have Boer goats and Boer/Nubian cross. I also have one Oberhasli doe. My goats are tame if you have feed in your hand but hard to catch otherwise. I don't milk and normally they are just on browse and hay. I don't use alot of feed. So I can't get near any of the kids right now to check them for worms. It is time to check my does for worms and do some hoof trimming.I do have several pesky does that require scratching behind the ears every time I go in the pasture. These are the first ones I will catch ,worm and trim.
I use cydectin pour on cattle wormer for the goats . This seems to be the only wormer that works in my area for stomach worms.Stomach worms will bring a heard down in a hurry. We unfortunately learned this lesson the hard way the 3rd year we had the goats.The stomach worms cause anemia,bottle jaw, and death. We use the pour on orally as this is safer for the goats.

We use a method called FAMACHA to tell when the goats are in need of worming. You can usually get a card from your Veterinarian.We check the color of the eyelids and gums. This indicates anemia and its severity. We worm accordingly.We only worm the goats who need it.We are trying to build resistance to worms in our heard. The goats will not build resistance with monthly wormings.The worms however will ,and right now cydectin is the only wormer in this area that is effective. I use a drenching syringe that has a metal tip and put the wormer at the back of the tongue so they have to swallow. Not too messy this way.There are alot of web sites that describe wormers and their dosages for different areas of the country.I would find a web site specific to what ever area you live in and use the wormer that works best for that area.Being a wet warm spring so far I had to worm all three does that I caught.They are all also in milk with kids so I need to make sure and keep them in good condition so they can raise the kids.

Hoof trimming can be frustrating, but hoof trimming alone is a real pain in the back.All three does needed their hooves trimmed.I had to put a goat halter on them and tie them up. They all had good hard hooves but they were over grown.The hardest part is when you tie them up all of the bossy does come over to pick on them. Pesky does.When picking on the does didn't work the started nibbling on me and pulling my hair.I managed to get them trimmed with no blood loss to me or the goats.

Tomorrow I will catch some more


Christy said...

Goats can be pesky! I know a few people around here swear by copper boluses for worm prevention. Try catching sheep to worm them! Really not easy. I'm going to learn to examine fecals to keep up with worms. Seems like it will be easier than FAMACHA since you don't have to catch anyone.

berryvine said...

I need to get set up to do fecals too. I used to do parasitology in a lab so I know how. I just need to do it. I have not tried the copper boluses yet.
A catch pen works well except for the little squirts.Goats can and will squeeze through any opening.