Saturday, April 25, 2009

Taking control

Our first step in taking control is to figure out where we are going.We both decided we would like to keep the farm ,but hate being broke.We need a way of bringing in some more money with the tools we have.What do we have? Land,garden tools,lots of manure(literally).Hmmmm what can we do with that?

This year we are putting in a small market garden. People are wanting to buy food closer to home and would like to know how it was handled.We decided on a smaller garden. We did the finish tilling yesterday and plan on doing some of the planting today.I still have my small raised bed garden, already planted. If the Market Garden works out I will change my kitchen garden to small fruit production,strawberries and blueberries for subsequent years.We are sticking with the traditional crops this year. This will give us a feel for the market in our area and hopefully some input from the people who will be buying from us.

We got most of the planting finished today .We still need to put in the tomato plants and pepper plants.The garden has nice soil as it was a small horse pasture.Weeds will most likely be a problem the first year.


Christy said...

It's nice that your market garden has good soil. The soil in my garden is awful! Pretty much just clay. It was tilled and in some spots is only an inch deep. I'm going to be putting a lot of compost and poop in it this year.

berryvine said...

We have a lot of clay here too but the garden was an old horse pasture and has had its share of poop.I am really afraid the old bermuda grass is going to be a real problem.