Monday, February 1, 2010

I am having trouble sifting through all of the information I have on family history and making sense of it. Since I don't know any of the people and there is no one left to help me it is quite confusing. Thought I would take a break and get outside.

Yes this is Georgia. Not our typical winter and not one I care to repeat. I really would like snow instead of ice but I guess it is not up to me.

We are just high enough to get some lovely views and secenery.

And just low enough to get ice instead of snow.

Hard to tell from the picture but we had at least 1/2inch covering on everything.Very beautiful when the sun came out.We had to get out of the woods though before a branch or huge chunk of ice fell on our heads.


lisa said...

Those are beautiful pictures, even though the ice can cause damage! We have some things in common, I am born in Feb. also!

berryvine said...

Thanks Lisa.Thankfully our Ice didn't cause too much damage. Have alot of limbs to pick up if it ever quits raining. I had a 90yr old man tell me the kindest people are born in Feb.

ArtQwerks said...

These are beautiful!!!

Aimee said...

gorgeous photos! It's probably a once in a lifetime event - enjoy it if you can. Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I am enjoying yours

berryvine said...

Thanks Aimee and Donna. I really love to take pictures. Aimee unfortunately it isn't a once in a lifetime thing. We get ice storms every few years here. I would really rather have nice fluffy snow!