Monday, February 15, 2010

The Sound of Silence

I haven't had much too say in the last week or so. Hibernation I guess. I had a week by myself and really enjoyed it. Didn't spend a penny and the car didn't leave the drive. It has been really cold wet weather here and it has zapped any motivation I might have had. I did have one nice ,dry, fairly warm day and the dogs and I went walking in the woods. I did learn if you are alone and walking in the woods at least take the cell phone. I lost my right leg down some sort of hole that looked like firm ground. Past my knee with my boot on, buried! My first thought was oh my gosh I hope nothing is alive down there to gnaw off my foot, the next thought was I am stuck! I couldn't get any leverage to pull my leg out. I finally found a tree I could reach an prised my foot out. Lesson learned! I could have been stuck there for several days before somone missed me (besides the dogs .)
I did get out one day and get some nice pictures of the farm in the snow. It was really cold and pretty slick so there are only a few.
The barn



My garden

table by the creek

dogs loved it



lisa said...

Those are some very pretty photos. I know what you mean, I wish I could hibernate in the winter. I think with not having as much sun it really makes it even harder to get through. Glad you were able to get your foot out, was the boot still on;)

berryvine said...

Thanks Lisa. I did still have my boot . It was muddy but still attached to my foot.

ArtQwerks said...

Everthing is so gorgeous when the snow falls isn't it? These are just gorgeous! The colors are so vivid!

berryvine said...

Thanks Donna my snow is nothing compared to yours. I do love the snow though. I don't know why but it always seems so quiet and peaceful after a snowfall.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about walking alone. Once I ran up on a pack of wild dogs that had killed one of our goats and they were mean. BoDog was with me and ran all 6 of the dogs off after they started toward me.
I am happy you got your foot out of the hole.
Loved the pictures. We had 1 day of snow here and that will do me for a while. Now just send me spring time!
Have a great day.