Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Did you ever notice just when things are going well something comes along to complicate things.
We just have to remind ourselves that is often only temporary. If it is not we will adjust our lives and go on in another direction.


No we don't keep goats in the house as a rule. This is "Pesky" Her mom died and "Pesky" had a severe eye infection.We had to put ointment in her eye 4 times a day.It was just easier to have her in the house. She thought she was a dog and should have all the same privleges. "Mindy" the JRT was not too happy about it.Pesky is now outside and doing fine.Her eye healed. She still thinks she is a dog though.


Christy said...

Babies are so cute! Our goat came in a few times when he was a baby. It was always fun.

berryvine said...

I love the babies! Just want to pick them up and squeeze them!