Friday, January 22, 2010

"The Weather Outside is Frightful"

These photos are the 2009 year through the eye of my camera.I picked the ones that make me smile.

This is how I appear in the eye of our filly "Velvet".

The weather for January has been odd! We didn't get above freezing for more than a week and even had snow on the ground. Then we had a couple of sunny days in the 70's. Right now it is raining. Thought I would post my favorite photos for 2009

This looks to me like a scene out of the "Hobbit".

This is one of the Haflinger sisters "Fireball".

Blue Ridge Mnts.In the fall.

Doorway to the past

Wild Turkey

I always hear the song from "Andy Griffith" When I look at this one.

Sunset at the farm





Jinglebob said...

Nice blog. Do you drive your Halflingers?

berryvine said...

Thanks Jinglebob. The Haflinger sisters will start training this year. If it ever quits raining..

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!

We didn't get any snow down this way at all. Last winter or so far this winter. But we did get some of those cold temperatures. Enough of those!
I am ready for spring.

Now..I have to go hmmm or whistle the theme from Andy Griffith show. It is stuck in my ears.LOL...
Have a great day.